Nick Foles should provide much needed stability at QB for the Jaguars during training camp

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback, Nick Foles, reported to camp this week (story HERE) and his presence should provide a sense of stability at the position for a team that has been missing it for some time. The Jags signed Foles during the offseason after a disappointing 2018 season.

That shouldn’t be interpreted as a diss at Blake Bortles (Charge on), but Foles’ resume speaks for itself. He’s beat Tom Brady to become a Super Bowl champion, the same Tom Brady that denied this Jags team a trip to the big game that same year. And he almost did it again last season coming in to relieve an injured Carson Wentz in Philly.

Now we’re putting him under center with Leonard Fournette at running back, a promising receiver corp, and that strong defense helping him out on the other side of the ball.

It’s not unforeseeable that he could take this Jags team far in that competitive AFC South, but let’s not get that far yet.

We’re in camp. When players have to learn, they learn here. Coaches won’t have to worry about their quarterback’s learning curve this year. They can concentrate on the younger players at other positions. That’s a major plus in signing Foles.

Then we can move to the huddle. Players can look to this leader with little doubt that he’ll be able to do his part to make sure this offense is successful. He’ll make the throws, he’ll get creative when he needs to, and he’ll find a way to win games. That’s what he’s done in the past.

In fact, it’s not a stretch to say that the Jacksonville Jaguars have the most stability at the quarterback position of any of the three NFL teams in Florida right now.

It’s going to be exciting to continue to watch this offense grow with him and to see if that growth will translate into points on the field.

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