No, there still is no such thing as overhyping a hurricane in the Orlando area

This week, a Category 5 Hurricane named Dorian, destroyed much of the Bahamas, killing 20 at the time of this publication, and brushed up against Florida’s east coast. This was a catastrophic event and the greater Orlando area got very lucky. At one time the path went straight through Central Florida.

Unfortunately, this positive development left some people on social media angry with the local news organizations because we did not feel stronger effects from Dorian, or for that matter take a direct hit.

You read that right. There are a vocal few that were upset that the media encouraged them to do things like buy water, food, and fuel for their vehicles.

They say it was overhyping severe weather, and using fear to provoke residents into preparing for something that may never come. There are other conspiracy theories that have the media getting kickbacks from energy companies.

Listen, I know a lot of the members of the media here in Orlando from when I was out there everyday. Believe me, if they’re getting any sort of compensation, they’re doing a wonderful job of hiding it. Especially, on the print side.

This is an instance where social media is being used as a shield by the those who lack courage. I believe the kids call them “Twitter Gangsters”. I would really like to hear someone in person argue about organizations that are worried about their safety. I would like to hear the actual words with my own ears from someone saying “You need to stop warning us about these hurricanes so early!”

There are also some using the “Fake News” shortcut on their keyboards.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re talking about a monster hurricane that can easily be seen from space. It doesn’t get more real than that.

It’s also a real science to track these things. It takes complicated technology to try to figure out where these storms are headed. There is no human dimension whatsoever. You can’t pick up the phone and ask Dorian “Hey, where will you be headed?”.

So let’s remain more patient in the future. We’ve got almost two months left of hurricane season.

As for the investment. The water will be drank. The food will be eaten. The gas will be burned. It’s going to be okay.

Let’s stay ready and let’s stick to tradition of supporting each other during these storms, including those who are working hard to deliver information that may save our lives.

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