Orlando should take Popeyes enthusiasm to Beefy King reopening

Last week, the Orlando area almost lost a local treasure as the 51 year old Beefy King restaurant on Bumby was targeted by an arsonist. Luckily it survived

It’s due to reopen this Wednesday (story HERE) and we should make sure we support this true Orlando-centric business.

Yes, I’m asking you to step out of the Popeye’s line and head on down to Beefy King. That chicken sandwich can wait for one day.

This isn’t about dissing Popeyes, it’s about supporting Beefy King.

We have to be appreciative of these long time fixtures of our community because we never know what’s going to happen. Sometimes it takes a near tragic event to remind us of these things.

Really, we should be doing our part to better support our local businesses anyways. This is a nice step in that direction.

And if you can, stop by the “Drunken Monkey” coffee bar too. They were responsible for helping Orlando Police catch the suspected arsonist. A true example of the community looking out for each other.

Have a great reopening guys.

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