Rick Scott vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a feud where everybody wins

What would happen if you stuck a 66 year old Hospital Executive from Naples in a room with a 29 year old Bartender from the Bronx and asked them to fling insults back and forth at each other?

We’d have Rick Scott vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and they encapsulate exactly what their respective followings detest about Washington D.C.

Rick Scott, “an out of touch former Governor, who’s value is north of $250 million dollars, and believes in giving his big business buddies a pass in a state where employee wages are amongst the lowest in the nation.”

Ocasio-Cortez, “An inexperienced, socialist Bernie-puppet, who has no idea what she’s doing up there, and wants to penalize and tax anyone who doesn’t subscribe to her exact idea to how they should live their lives.”

Heck yeah we’re going to feud, and we’re going to do it on Twitter, where every journalist and influencer can watch.

I spent seven years around Scott, so I’m going to focus on him for a moment

AOC represents the exact opposite of how Rick Scott ran Florida for eight years. Scott pulled down corporate tax barriers, and actively sought out business to come to Florida. He constantly toured the state and celebrated any kind of business growth, whether it was a new company breaking ground and hiring hundreds of workers, or simply an existing company hiring 15 more people.

Ocasio-Cortez pushed Amazon out of New York. Scott’s successor, Ron DeSantis pushed for a meeting a couple of days afterwards.

Scott bringing up the “Green New Deal”, an expensive overhaul of environmental policy that scares even moderate voters, is also a good chess move.

Now let’s flip the Prism

Rick Scott represents exactly what a lot of AOC’s “Bernie-heavy” following is repulsed by.

No one is going to lose here, because it’s an opportunity for each of them to show off for an audience they desperately want on their side. Young progressives vs. Business conservatives.

Some Monday morning twitter quarterbacking for Scott,

Maybe you should bring up how many of AOC’s constituents keep moving to Florida?

Finally, we the spectators of these Twitter exchanges win.

Because who wouldn’t want to watch Rick Scott argue with a 29 year old bartender from the Bronx?

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