Rick Scott wants Iowa voters to fall in love with his 2010 campaign personality

Hard to believe it’s been a decade since Rick Scott kicked open the door of the 2010 GOP primary for Governor and simply overpowered party favorite Bill McCollum and the State Senator Paula Dockery to take the nomination.

He did it with television ads like this one.

It’s a far more smoother version of Governor than you’ll see on cable television or behind the podium, but those ads were effective.

He took some more chances in his first round of campaign ads. There was more energy and it was before he got on the jobs script we’d here in 2014 for his reelection and again for his 2018 run for senate. Pick up trucks, running on beaches, he did all sorts of things before he settled in front of a green screen.

Scott recently aired ads in Iowa (story HERE), just ahead of the caucuses. They criticize the ongoing impeachment process and many are calling it the first ad of the 2024 GOP presidential primary. They’re right.

This is the image that the Florida Senator wants to present to the country. A milder version of Donald Trump’s straight talking personality. Still the tough talking outsider, but kept in check by the governor of his everyday personality of bad jokes and scripted remarks.

He figures the country will be ready to calm down a bit should the President get reelected and we get four more years of controversy.

If the President loses, it will still be his controversial time in office that gets the blame and a tamer Florida Senator might be the right fix.

Either way, Rick Scott is the ice cube in the hot soup.

It is way too early to break this down too far. Another aspect you have to consider about Scott’s future is his age. He’ll be in his 70s when 2024 rolls around.

But if he does decide to jump in about three years from now, then it will be this version, the 2010 version, of Rick Scott the country will get to know. Although it’s unclear if the pick truck will make a comeback.

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