Shutting down Orange County only hurts most vulnerable residents during Coronavirus crisis

This afternoon, Orange County leaders installed a shelter-in-place order that will keep workers that are considered non-essential at home as the region continues to battle the Coronavirus.

While both sides of the debate present very credible points, the decision at this point of time will only hurt the most vulnerable of Orange County residents. In this business climate all workers would consider themselves essential, especially if their family’s survival is at stake.

Right now Orange County has…

1) An affordable housing crisis
2) families suffering nation leading low wages (if they’re still working)
3) an on going campaign by it’s government to raise sales taxes.

Orlando leaders have neglected a large portion of their communities and are now hand cuffing them when they need every tool for survival at their disposal.

Their government is doing all they can to keep them from fighting.

The politicians supporting this position don’t have to worry about making the rent and keeping the lights on. They’re too busy running their next campaign.

And the worst part is that it’s not even going to be effective.

The state is not under shutdown and many counties in the area also have not decided to take the harsh measure.

Just the counties that are getting pressured to make political statements. And that is what this is. A political statement.

My heart goes out to residents as they flood grocery stores because their politicians haven’t defined what this means, and as they’re forced to stay home and try to reach ineffective hotlines to help them pay rent.

And my heart goes out to you, because your politicians have taken your power away from you.

Now you’ll have to stay home and hope your bills don’t leave your family starving.

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