Starbucks shoving past summer to get to Pumpkin Spice Latte season shows lack of innovation

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back (story HERE). Now. In August. It’s almost 90 degrees here in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

But Starbucks doesn’t care. It’s time to bring back the PSL.

Now, if you’re a fan of the beverage this shouldn’t bother you. You’d probably like to have the option to get a PSL anytime you like.

But it’s shows a remarkable lack of vision by the coffee giant to want to move past the summer so quickly instead of them giving us a summer drink we can’t wait to arrive every year.

It’s not unlike big box retailers moving up Christmas sales every year. Profits above all. Starbucks is no different.

To the credit of Starbucks, they are more socially responsible than a lot of other major companies. You can examine the measures they’ve taken to fight COVID or the health care coverage of their employees in general to find that out.

When it comes to the seasons however, all bets are off.

And I’m not immune to specialty SBUX beverages. I’m a Peppermint Mocha guy myself.

But any Peppermint Mochas before Black Friday are off limit. I don’t want that season encroached on. Starbucks makes it available earlier but I’m not going to touch it. That’s what makes it less special and I don’t want that ruined for me.

My guess is that a lot of us don’t feel the same. Until that happens, get ready to see the PSL rollout get earlier and earlier every year.

And before you know it, we’ll be drinking them during Fourth Of July Fireworks.

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