Taking a break to work on some new projects

Last night, I deleted my social media accounts. I’m going to take some time off to explore some new stuff.

The truth is that I’ve been doing political news/commentary for over decade. I love it but I’m bored. TV, radio, events, websites, I’ve already done it all. Producers understand that I often enjoy just hanging out than being on the air. That stuff got old years ago.

It’s time to see what else is out there. This new project also has to pay the bills. In a high priced, poor paying, market like Orlando, that’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

Anyways, see you in a couple of months, a couple of days. I might get bored and start blogging here again this afternoon. Who knows?

If you’re checking on me after suddenly disappearing. I’m grateful for you.

Stay strong. Stay healthy. Cheers!


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