The field for the CNN/NY Times Dem debate is too big, plus some other thoughts on the draw

It’s come to this. 12 candidates on one stage for one night.

This is where we’re at, as the field and podium positions were announced for the CNN/New York Times Democratic presidential debate that will take place from Westerville, Ohio on October 15th.

Some thoughts:

This field is way too big and it’s going to frustrate viewers: Really, 10 was too big. I can’t understand why the DNC didn’t split this field into two stage, two night event with six candidates each. Now we’re going to get a free for all of candidates trying to save the lives of their campaigns by shouting above each other.

On second thought, maybe that’s what the organizers wanted, but those undecided voters who are genuinely candidate shopping are going to get frustrated.

At least the scrubs are gone: I can honestly say that I really want to hear what this field has to say. I’m still not an Andrew Yang or Tom Steyer believer but at least they’re not going to be boring. We have come a long way since that 20 person field that was about 50% “tourists” with no real shot.

With his health problems, should Bernie Sanders even still be there?: This was going to be a stand alone post but if we’re going to worry about Joe Biden’s health, then we have to throw Bernie in there too after he had a heart procedure involving the insertion of two stents into an artery (story HERE). He’s in his late 70s.

We’re still going to try to make Biden vs. Warren happen: The two will share center stage once again as the moderate favorite squares off against the choice of a lot of progressives. I’m not expecting a lot of fireworks. The two are just awkward attackers that have so far failed to explain why each other’s plans won’t work.

Can Cory, Kamala, and Castro swim out of the doldrums?: Cory Booker played the “I’m going to drop out if you don’t donate more” card. Harris hasn’t been right since her big showing during the first debates, and Julian Castro has lost all momentum after essentially calling Joe Biden old. Who’s going to get their momentum back?


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