The Orange County COVID-19 Consumer Confidence Survey actually makes sense and you should fill it out

When we’re talking about the Coronavirus epidemic in Orlando 10 or 20 years from now, or heaven forbid, following the next tragedy. One aspect we’ll look closely at is consumer confidence following the crisis.

Which is why Orange County surveying the matter is a good idea (take the survey HERE).

Listen, there are plenty of things I’ll ding Orange County Government on regarding COVID. The over political first days being at the top of the list. But when they do something right, you have to give them credit for that.

The questions include, employees at restaurants taking temperature checks (read my opinion HERE), budget expenditures since the pandemic began, and the likeliness they’ll attend another public event soon.

Those questions make sense.

And there is not a lot of room for political cherry picking there either.

Yeah, you can twist and pull numbers as much as you like but the opportunities aren’t so obvious here.

Dare I say it, it looks like this data might actually be used to gague the will of the public and make decisions without special interests guiding the agenda.

More of that please.

Take the survey and tell your friends to take it.

Honest requests for feedback from politicians in Orlando don’t come as often as they should. Take the chance and use your voice.

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