The politics behind the Coronavirus shutdown in Orange and Osceola counties

As the people of Orlando try to survive the Coronavirus disaster, it’s elected officials decided to implement a shutdown of Orange and Osceola counties. A move that runs opposite of other counties in the area, and will force lower middle class workers to struggle to make ends meet as their government takes away their power to make a living.

A shutdown is about as drastic a measure a local government can take. Removing the personal freedoms of an individual should be one of the final options considered and should be part of a coalition effort that agrees on a common solution.

Orange and Osceola county’s decision does not include that consensus. The decider was simply looking at other cities that are nothing like our own municipalities and following the cadence of a politician who wants to challenge the incumbent governor (story HERE).

Politicians in Orange and Osceola county looked at New York and California. Areas led by other politicians that think like them. The kind that act first. Think later. And you deal with the consequences.

Then there is Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. Who has seen her star rise since barely surviving a recount to get elected less than two years ago. Politicians in Orange and Osceola county will listen to Fried because they know that she will give them power Ron DeSantis won’t give them.

So it doesn’t matter if DeSantis himself developed a vaccine for the Coronavirus. Because he won’t give the politicians in Orange and Osceola County power, they’ll never support him.

That is how you get to the shutdown in Orange and Osceola counties. Our elected officials copying off of another city’s paper and supporting the politician that gives them the best chance to acquire more power.

The time for a state-wide shutdown may come. As we continue testing there will be more cases (a detail in Orange and Osceola county that will be left out) and then we’ll be able to have true data to combat this Coronavirus. And then, as Central Floridians, we can move as one.

But your freedom should never be part of a political game. Because when these local politicians are playing, you’re always the loser.

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