Trump campaign should go for RNC alternative at the Orange County Convention Center here in Orlando

North Carolina isn’t happy with Donald Trump’s plans to hold the Republican National Convention in Charlotte in late August. Donald Trump isn’t happy with North Carolina for pushing back in allowing him to do so (story HEREHERE).

The solution is easy. Bring it here to Orlando. Where we could have it in the Orange County Convention Center. A venue that would be able to host the event responsibly while providing a much needed boost in reviving Central Florida’s economy.

I emphasized responsibly for a number of reasons.

First, we need a safe environment. In three months, it’s possible we might have that. If not then it just won’t be the RNC, it will be the NFL, as well as a load of other public events that will have to overhaul their plans for large gatherings.

Second, the OCCC can provide Trump with that full arena feel without actually filling an arena by stacking people in row by row. You could have seating stretch into several different parts of the venue with as much space as you might need.

Third, the infrastructure is there and it’s sure better than anything Charlotte could do. Plenty of lodging that could place caps on occupancy while allowing plenty of alternatives. Fast transportation into downtown and further into the tourism district. Everything that already makes Orlando the best place to host an event now.

All there. Ready to go.

It’s unlikely to happen. There are some contractual obligations. But it should.

We’re the better place for the job.

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