Val Demings’ war against Trump will ultimately be settled in the I-4 corridor in November

Congresswoman Val Demings has been at war with the Trump administration’s policies since they both took office. She was on the losing end of the latest battle, when the President was acquitted at last week’s impeachment senate trial, where she served as one of the house impeachment managers.

The outcome was expected, but the President rolled the occasion into a week long celebration at the expense of his accusers. But the fight isn’t over.

Ultimately, the war will be settled this November here in the “Heart of the I4” corridor. The swing region of the swing state that may determine the election.

What we’ll have is a turf war over the votes Florida’s of moderates. The ones that will ultimately decide whether Donald Trump will serve a second term in the White House.

And the President’s campaign here is well underway, he kicked off his reelection campaign at the Amway Center, Mike Pence was here last month and with no other statewide race, the GOP will focus all of their attention on delivering Florida.

As for Demings, she’s expected to coast to her third term. What this does is open up her schedule to be a powerful surrogate for whoever the Democratic nominee may be. Orlando’s former police chief will hit the stump hard to get that person elected.

The winner of this grudge will be determined by the definition of Trump’s success in Demings’ home state. If the President win Florida twice, especially against the resistance of one of his impeachment managers, then that will remain with Demings as a part of her political story.

But if Trump falls in Florida, and if that fall leads to the end of his time in the White House, then you have to look at his impeachment, and Chief’s role in that process as a major part of his downfall.

Either way, it will be the voters who decide who wins this war.

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