We need to check in on Doorlando North campaign more often

A couple of years ago, there was controversy over the fact that Seminole County didn’t want the rest of the world to know them as “The Natural Choice”. They wanted to be known as “Orlando North”. This is because they wanted more tourism like the kind their neighbor down south received.

So now we have doorlandonorth.comdoorlandonorth.com.

Or Do Orlando North. A poorly worded campaign that is still costing Seminole County residents.

How has it been working?

The responses are mixed.

During the couple of years I lived in Seminole following the decision to go this way, I’d ask guests from around the world.

Visitors like Seminole. Why wouldn’t they? It’s gorgeous.

But there are many visitors who still end up in Sanford when they wanted to be in South Orlando. Or Sanford south as they like to joke.

Poorly named venues and hotels are the reason for that. I won’t go as far as to say they’re tricking people but it’s not the most clear description.

The point is that this campaign doesn’t get a lot of attention, especially with everything that is going on.

Let’s change that. Let’s get more eyeballs on this controversial campaign and making sure it’s being done right.

That could begin with Doorlando North. Just a suggestion.

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