With Jalen Drama looming, Jaguars fight to save season starts tonight against Tennessee Titans

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had no shortage of drama to start off their season.

In week one, starting quarterback Nick Foles get injured after giving fans just a taste of great quarterback play and rookie Garnder Minshew steps in against the Kansas City Chiefs in a losing effort.

In week two, head coach Doug Marrone gets in a heated exchange with star cornerback, Jalen Ramsey. This is before he decides to go for the win in the final seconds against the Houston Texans, just to have running back Leonard Fournette come up inches short in a valiant effort.

The next day, Ramsey requests a trade and the league can’t stop talking about it.

All of this has happened in less than 14 days.

Now, the Jags, coming off of a short week have to take on the Tennessee Titans on Thursday night football. They’ll be trying to avoid falling to 0-3, which in the recent NFL history, essentially closes the book on your playoff hopes.

The Jalen drama will have to wait.

Jacksonville can go on a run here. They have the Titans, the struggling Broncos and Panthers over the next two weeks, then a Drew Brees-less New Orleans Saints team. They can do this. They can win all of these games.

They’ll just need a little less drama and they need Leonard Fournette to be the star carrying the football that everyone knows he can be. Even without Ramsey, this defense is still good enough to give a lot of teams trouble.

It starts tonight. This Titans team isn’t very good right now and if Mishnew can hold this offense together, they’ll win.

They have to. The fight to save the season starts tonight at home.

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