You guys need to calm down about #TheBatman trailer, it was fine but nothing more

“The Batman” trailer premiered on Saturday at #DCFanDome and it was… fine.

But you guys need to seriously chill out though. We didn’t see anything we haven’t seen the Caped Crusader do before.

Let’s start with what was good.

Matt Reeves’ eye seems to be sharp and dedicated to giving us some great looking stand alone shots.

Zoe Kravitz and her brief appearance in the trailer is reason to be optimistic. We know she can act and with the action sequences teased here we could be in for a treat.

The Batman suit: It’s dope. And seems to fit Pattinson nicely.

Then there was the bad.

Pattinson’s makeup: This isn’t “The Crow”. Batman doesn’t wear make up.

What are we risking ourselves for?: We live in a COVID 19 world. We need to know a little more about the story and what our investment is for. We got nothing here.

Who is Bruce Wayne?: Batman is two characters. He’s the Dark Knight. And he’s Bruce Wayne. Unless he’s wearing the suit the entire time, what are we supposed to be excited for?

It was not a bad trailer. But you fanboys must calm down. Based off of this trailer, I’m not sure “The Batman” is worth a $12 to $15 dollar ticket.

And given how much we’re watering down the character (post HERE). These things need to be considered.

You can view this trailer below.

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