EA should use generic Washington team in Madden 21 to honor pandemic heroes

The Washington Scientists? The D.C Doctors?

It could happen after Electronic Arts announced that the recently disbanded Washington Redskins team name will not appear in Madden 21′. A generic Washington team will be used in it’s place (story HERE).

This is not a setback. It’s an opportunity.

EA should use this opportunity to honor the heroes of the COVID 19 pandemic. The doctors, nurses, and scientists working to get the world through this difficult time. It would be a great gesture.

Really, the Washington football team, the NFL, and even EA could use some good will right now. Madden is under a lot of heat because the fan boys aren’t happy with the franchise mode, even though they have no real solutions (story HERE) and then there is the annual gripes from players about their ratings.

This could go a long way.

It’s actually a very real possibility the programmers down there in my hometown of Orlando might actually come up with a better concept than Dan Snyder. It would also be a terrific collectors item down the road.

Right now the gaming world is busy as it tries to exist with the chaos around us.

Let’s hope EA uses this opportunity to actually give us something to cheer about.

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