The XBox Series S seems too good to be true at $299, so we’re waiting for the catch

On Tuesday, XBox formally announced it’s Series S machine. A slimmed down and discounted version of the upcoming XBox X console (story HERE).

The Series S is expected to retail for $299. A surprisingly reasonable price tag and much more affordable than it’s $500 big brother.

So what’s the catch? Well, we don’t know yet.

The early speculation is that it won’t offer 4K and it doesn’t have a disk drive. It’s also likely that it won’t have the horsepower of the X.

But how much of a difference would that make? We might not know until it’s already home and we’re playing it.

If you’re a parent trying to win Christmas morning, it would be great if that victory would come $200 lighter. But if the machine has drawbacks that won’t keep the kids happy, it could all be for nothing.

We’re going to need Microsoft to be a little more transparent here. The holidays are coming in a hurry and an already stressful time in a year that has been loaded with uncertainty isn’t needed.

Then there are some other unknowns.

We have the next gen Playstation coming out. What will be their answer to this news and for those already invested in their platform?

After you’ve made the decision on your machine, what will the demand look like? Are the new consoles as a Christmas gift even realistic at this point?

All of this is pretty exciting but at the same time rather daunting.

We’ll eventually find out what the limitations are on all of these machines and then we can make a decision as an educated consumer on a major purchase. These units do have to last us quite a while.

But it’s refreshing to know that there will be an option that won’t break the family bank. There are a lot of kids that instantly believe they won’t be able to level up with their friends because of the lack of affordability.

I’ve been one of those kids. This will be great news.

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