After “Booksmart” success, Olivia Wilde is an excellent choice to direct new Marvel feature

Good news today when the news broke that Sony and Marvel have hired “Booksmart” director, Olivia Wilde, to direct one of their next features. Potentially a female-centric project like “Spiderwoman” (story HERE).

If you haven’t watch Booksmart, you should, it’s streaming on Hulu (my review HERE). The pacing is swift. The humor is sharp. And at the center of it all, there is still a pretty good story to invest in.

It’s exactly the touch Marvel and Sony could use after the line up of potentially heavy films line up like “Morbius”, the “Venom” sequel, and the stuff on the MCU side like “Black Widow”.

The only drawback is that it means less time for Wilde to act. She was good in “Richard Jewell” last year (review HERE) and is still someone I look forward to watching. And if this film was being made a decade ago, Wilde herself would have been a fantastic Spiderwoman.

Instead, I’m going to cast my vote for Hailee Steinfeld, who voice the Spider-Gwen character in the wonderful “Into The Spiderverse” film.

I’ll be interested to see how this project develops but Sony and Marvel took the right first step in picking Wilde to sit in the director’s chair.

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