Here are some things we appreciated most during the #BlackPantherWatchParty following the passing of Chadwick Boseman

Fans from all over the world took to their streamers on Saturday night to honor Chadwick Boseman with a screening of “Black Panther”, following the death of the celebrated actor on Friday after a 4 year battle with colon cancer (you can read my thoughts on his work HERE).

The hashtag #BlackPantherWatchParty made it easy for everyone to read the kind words of others, both about Boseman and the blockbuster film.

Here are a couple of things we appreciated about the film during the screening.

We appreciated Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa and we miss him already: Boseman’s work playing T’Challa allowed him to showcase a great deal of his range for a superhero movie. There were the moments with his departed father, the back and forth with Michael B. Jordan’s Kilmonger, and the family love with Shuri’s Letitia Wright and Angela Basset’s queen Ramonda.

We appreciated the potential of Letitia Wright: Many of the fans continued to take a forward looking approach on the franchise. This included the praise of Wright’s work and the possibility of her continuing the mythology in the MCU like her character does in the comics.

We appreciated Ruth Carter’s Academy Award winning costumes: Carter’s work here is fantastic and very much worthy of Hollywood’s top prize and we didn’t miss that during some of the key sequences of the film.

We appreciated the message of the film: Black Panther offers some very potent messages on everything from how family should treat each other to world politics. But many of those threads come back to the noblest of examples set by the film’s hero.

We appreciated each other: In what was a life taken too soon, it was the chance to come together during these very difficult times and pay tribute Boseman and to enjoy each other’s company over a great film.

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