RIP Sean Connery: Here are just some of my favorites out of many

The world has lost Sean Connery at the age of 90 on Saturday. He was one of the big screen titans that had a screen presence few others will ever achieve. He was the original James Bond. He played a mentor to characters like Elliott Ness and Indiana Jones. There just aren’t other actors that can do that and even after he stopped regularly working over 15 years ago, we watched his older films with an admiration of what we were observing. Greatness.

Here are just some of my favorites out of many. I didn’t include the Bond films, but they have a place in my heart. Believe me.

The Untouchables: That talk with Kevin Costner in the church on how to get Al Capone played by Robert Deniro is must watch cinema. We loved imitating Malone and he was the heart of that wonderful gangster film.

The Hunt For Red October
: To this day, the best at sea thriller ever made. An epic story that put Tom Clancy novels on the map and created a franchise that lives to this day. It was Connery’s face on the movie poster that introduced us to Jack Ryan and spawned countless other Clancy inspired franchises.

Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade: The best Indiana Jones film. Watching Connery condescend to another legend such as Harrison Ford playing fedora wearing icon is a joy to watch to this day.

Rising Sun: This nuanced mystery action flick never would have worked without Connery, who was the “Sempie” to Wesley Snipes’ “Cohei”. Despite us only getting one action sequence in the movie, it was fun watching Connery take apart this tech conspiracy who done it.

The Rock: Many consider this the lost Bond film. And it’s part of Nicolas Cage’s big three action films from the mid 90s, that also set up the movie’s director for success. You might have heard of him. Michael Bay.

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