DNC is right to raise requirements to make debate stage

The Democratic National Committee has announced they’re raising the requirements for presidential democratic hopefuls to make their second round of debates to start in September (story HERE).

Good for them.

The truth is that the field has reached a ridiculous amount of almost two dozen people, and almost half of these candidates are “tourists” trying to sell books, get famous, and maybe, just maybe, catch fire and make a serious run.

In other words, they’re going to get on stage, say a bunch of wild things and hope they can pull a Donald Trump.

But don’t give these guys Trump’s name ID credit. The President was on television for over a decade before making his run, and was a known celebrity for about 20 years before that. He earned the media to raise his name ID and to get him on that stage so he could diss Jeb Bush and Rand Paul in order to get some campaign momentum. Obviously, it worked.

DNC Chair Tom Perez pledged to give all of the candidates a chance to be heard, but there are other ways he could do that and simply announcing a run doesn’t earn you a debate spot. The criteria for the first round of debates next month remains very sensible.

I’ve been upfront and so have many of the national media outlets. If the debates started today, I don’t believe anyone outside of the top 8 should be on stage. The voters don’t have a clue who most of these people are and a string of polls accurately illustrates that.

And that’s their problem. Not DNC’s. Not the voting Democrat, and certainly not ours.

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