Here’s the reason Joe Biden is back to a double digit lead in the polls

After a couple of shaky debate performances, former Vice President Joe Biden, is back up to a double digit lead in the polls, according to the latest numbers from CNN (story HERE).

The other 19 candidates in this race have got to be asking “What does it take to put a dent in this guy’s campaign?”.

It’s going to take about half of those candidates ending their campaigns. This field is still way too big.

Until a lot of these scrubs get out (you can find a list of them HERE), those anti-establishment votes are “stuck in the vending machine”. Which means they’ll fall eventually, but something, or in this case, someone, will have to fall in order for another candidate to have access to that support.

In the meanwhile, Biden is still viewed as the most electable option in this field. It also doesn’t help his competitors that he’s still getting the most earned media in the field and that he’s already running ads to keep to raise his numbers even more.

To go even further, the former Veep is only going to get stronger on the debate stage as the election season rolls on. The rust is falling off, we saw him debate six attacking opponents last time, and next time he’ll be even more ready.

As the lower candidates do fall, you can expect a lot of those supporters to head Elizabeth Warren’s way. These are anti establishment votes. Bernie could see some of that too but we’ll have to see. If a top ten candidate with more mainstream policies should fall, then Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg could see a bump.

Joe isn’t going anywhere for now. If you’re one of those Democrats that don’t want to see him get the nomination, look at who you’re supporting. If they’re struggling to make debates, it’s time to consider someone else.

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