Joe Biden already endorsed by 3 Orlando elected Democrats with more likely waiting

Former Vice President, Joe Biden, was recently endorsed by 23 Florida Democratic lawmakers, including 3 from the Orlando area, and you can believe there are more waiting to jump aboard (story HERE).

Despite the vast field of about 20 Democrats running for President, none of them have the direct line into the Orlando Democratic establishment like Biden does. He’ll get many of the same supporters Hillary got in 2016, and should retain almost all of the supporters Obama had during his eight years in office.

We knew this was going to happen (story HERE). And while all of the candidates not called Bernie are still trying to find their footing in the race, Biden is already trying to tie down general election real estate in the heart of the I4 corridor.

Beto O’Rourke, has the only significant endorsement from Seminole County (story HERE), but after a hot start, his campaign has been sputtering in recent weeks.

Half these candidates will sputter out before the majority of voters start paying attention. The legitimate contenders will each get a look and possibly experience a jump in the polls if they say the right things when the opportunities come up.

Meanwhile, Biden hasn’t just been nailing down endorsements. I’ve spoken to two key fundraising networkers in the past two weeks, and they admit getting phone calls over the previous month. He could have some checks heading his way if you don’t already.

None of this should really be a surprise to anyone already involved in the political process in Central Florida in recent years. We love our presumed front runners, in both parties.

In 2012, Republicans weren’t crazy about Mitt Romney and were ready to jump on the Rick Perry bandwagon before a wheel popped off at Presidency Five here in Orlando. Meanwhile, it was Herman Cain left Orlando with a surprise straw poll victory. Anyways, after this happened (HERE) everyone ultimately rallied behind Romney anyways.

In 2016, the GOP was split between it’s two Florida candidates, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Jeb ran himself out early, and Marco couldn’t stop the insurrection of Trump followers from every county except his own. Fast forward to November and neither could Hillary.

Biden looks strong now, but we’ve got at least 12 debates and a lot of days on the calendar to cross out before we look sure.

Right now, it looks like he’s trying to run off with Central Florida before anyone knows it’s gone. This week was a good example of that.

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