Let’s hope Joe Biden finds a place for someone from Orlando in his administration

Given the amount of talent we have here in Orlando, from a young younger core of elected officials on all levels of our government, to our academic minds from UCF and the growing tech field, it’s been disappointing that the Trump and Obama administrations haven’t tapped more of our talent for positions in their administrations.

The biggest and most recent snub was former Congressman John Mica, who had a relationship with Donald Trump and was one of the most experienced minds on transportation in the nation, being overlooked for a position in the current cabinet. Ironically, of the many members of Trump’s Cabinet to depart, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao will apparently last until the end.

But what about the incoming Joe Biden administration? Surely, we have someone who is good enough to make it there. I’d like to think so.

We’ve already heard about Congresswoman Val Demings, a former Orlando Police Chief, being rumored as a possible Homeland Security Secretary (story HERE).

And we’ve heard about Stephanie Murphy potentially being up for positions in national security as well. (story HERE)

I was happy to hear Congressman Darren Soto mention on the radio Thursday that he’s forwarded 6 names from here in Orlando to the Biden team (story HERE) for consideration.

Those possibilities are all exciting for Orlando. And we need a voice up there.

We remain one of the fastest growing regions in the country and we couldn’t stop if we wanted to. It’s important that we have as many people from here doing great work for the nation while representing our proud hometown.

Let’s hope the Biden administration gives us a shot.

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