Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings hopes for a “more unified nation” after Joe Biden wins race for President

Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings released the following statement after the news broke on Saturday morning that former Vice President Joe Biden had won the race for President.

“The American people have spoken. I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. Our nation still faces great challenges, and it is my hope that we will face those challenges as a more unified nation.”

Demings was an original Joe Biden supporter. His wife, Congresswoman Val Demings, was an impeachment manager during Donald Trump’s hearings at the beginning of the year.

Florida would turned red for Trump on election night, but Orange County would vote for Biden in turning blue this year (story HERE), just like it had in 2016 when they supported Hillary Clinton. They also elected Democrats almost across the board.

As for the way Orange County operates and how it effects Demings’ work, it will like continue to be a pull and push in Tallahassee where there are a lot of disagreements, and the new administration in Washington, that will be more in line with what the County Commission will try to achieve.

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