Orange County vaccine refrigerators sends mixed signals to residents

In what was a simple yet unquestionably effective public relations play, Orange County Government announced they had purchased four “refrigeration units” that will some day hold about 150,000 vaccinations for the Coronavirus on Thursday afternoon (story HERE).

The news ran wonderfully through the greater Orlando area. “A light at the end of the tunnel” one social media user called it.

And that is true. Not only do these four refrigerators demonstrate a rare example of forward thinking by an Orange County government that has been slow to move on so many other issues, but it signals that the end of this pandemic might be near.

I mean, why buy and announce the refrigerators if we’re not close to the end?

And while County Officials were careful and did mention that the a vaccine was still a while away, it may fly in the face of what they’re trying to do right now.

That is curb a spike in Coronavirus cases that we’re seeing all over the world. Not just here in Central Florida.

It’s like rewarding yourself for an 8 week diet with a trip to Golden Corral after the first month.

One bright spot here is the price tag. $67,000 for four refrigerators isn’t too bad by government standards.

Maybe employees can store their lunches in them until we get FDA approval on a cure.

But this is a strong move to get people feeling positive about the direction we’re headed. If the county is wise, they’ll use it to motivate residents to be especially careful for the holidays or “the dark winter” when we’re expected to see an increase in cases.

And hopefully soon, we’ll be able to use those refrigerators to end this pandemic.

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