Stephanie Murphy could be key in helping Joe Biden turn Florida blue in 2024

Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy wasn’t originally a big Joe Biden supporter when the race started. First, she supported Beto O’Rourke in the primary. Then Mike Bloomberg. Then finally the former Vice President after he went on his post South Carolina run.

But after losing Florida on election night, the Seminole-Orange County congresswoman could show him how to win over moderate Republicans if he runs for reelection in 2024. Or whoever wins the nomination for that matter.

Why? Because she’s walks the line of moderation as carefully as anyone else in Congress. Believe me. Her administration is constantly aware of what might throw her too far in one direction or the other. And she has to legislate that way in a region that may be getting bluer but still prefers a middle of the road leader.

It begins with constantly working with Republicans like Congressman Michael Waltz from Volusia County. And at the same time, pushing back at progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who’s policies may fit in fine in New York City, but don’t have a home in Central Florida.

But it also means putting in the work with members of her own party. Yeah, she grinds the gears of those who don’t like bi-partisanship or compromise but that’s not who Biden scared away in Florida on election night.

It was moderates around the state who caught the sound bytes from the Trump campaign who didn’t want to take the chance that the former Vice President could be too radical and compromised toward socialist policies. Even if the more savvy members of the Florida political community know better.

Yeah, Stephanie wasn’t a big Biden supporter when the year began. But they could help each other a great deal as this new administration gets it’s beginning.

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