Why we should all be concerned over what’s going on with the Florida League Of Women Voters right now

Recently the Orlando Sentinel and the South Florida Sun Sentinel ran an op-ed asking why the Florida League Of Women Voters pulled it’s support of a constitutional amendment which failed on election day (story HERE). It’s something we all need to read and something we should all be concerned about.

The amendment would have allowed all voters to participate in primaries, throwing out a two party system which has long overworn it’s welcome. The top two vote earners would advance and allow independent voters to participate.

Which begs the questions, why would the non-partisan Florida League Of Women Voters turn it’s back on the most non partisan issue on the ballot?

As the op-ed points out, there were officers that resigned over the matter including a well regarded officer from here in Orlando.

That what really makes me angry.

But the problem here is that there is a channel of voters here in Florida that can remember a time before matters became so toxic and before partisanship seemed to sink it’s claws into everything. We’ve lost another connection to that here.

There was a matter regarding the league that sticks out in my head. It happened in 2012, when the league opposed a measure that would have granted property tax exemptions to the spouses of military veterans and first responders who died in the line of duty (description HERE).

The problem was the league endorsed answering “No” on the entire slate of questions that year. And when asked why on a local Orlando public affairs program about the issue, the then President doubled down and didn’t provide an explanation.

No explanation. Instead, it was “No” across the board because it was easier for the voters to remember.

And keep in mind. These aren’t robots. They have hearts and minds and many of them will volunteer or protest for an issue outside of the bounds of the LWV and still be in compliance.

Let’s hope the Florida LWV takes a sharp look inside themselves. Thankfully, the problem doesn’t seem to be in Orlando but we should push for answers to ensure that the organization retains it’s integrity throughout the entire state.

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