After the latest major injury, NFL fans wish they could un-flex Eagles vs Cowboys on Sunday Night Football

There is nothing like a great Sunday Night Football match up to sunset a wonderful weekend and propel us into the work week grind.

But for some fans Cowboys vs. Eagles isn’t cutting it.

Viewers would like to see the game moved after the news that Cowboys quarterback, Andy Dalton, will miss the game due to injury, bumping an already bad Dallas team to it’s third string quarterback after pro bowl starter Dak Prescott was lost to a horrendous injury a couple of weeks ago as well.

The Eagles are 2-4 and in first place in the NFC East, a division some are calling the worst in the history of the league. The Cowboys are in hot pursuit at 2-4.

While a flex by the NFL isn’t possible here, it goes back to planning by schedule makers. Even then, an Eagles-Cowboys match up on paper should be a terrific game between two solid TV markets. Other match ups on Sunday include the Niners vs. Seahawks and the Steelers vs. Ravens.

Bad teams doesn’t necessarily mean bad football. The Thursday night match up between the Carolina Panthers and the Atlanta Falcons may not have been a Superbowl preview but it was still an exciting game.

Sunday Night Football airs on NBC.

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