Amazon still needs to answer these two questions before Luna can be successful

When Amazon speaks, most of us tend to listen. They’ve earned that attention after years of dropping off pretty much anything we ask for at our doorstep.

And I was listening today when they announced their new gaming streaming service, Luna, which will cost $6 a month for a library of games and $50 bucks for a controller (more HERE).

On the surface it sounds pretty good and they do indeed have my attention.

But they didn’t answer the two big questions that need answering whenever a product that already exists in the market jumps on to the scene. The gaming market is pretty crowded right now.

Those two questions are ..

Why should we give you our time and money instead of the other guys?


Who’s coming with us?

You see, most of us are already in the PC, Sony, Xbox, or Nintendo camp. Why should we take our money from those investments and give it to Amazon?

And the second question, goes back an old movie that came out before a lot of you were even born. That’s “Jerry Maguire”.

During a pivotal scene after getting fired, Tom Cruises’ character looks around at his now former coworkers and and asks “Who’s coming with me?” after kidnapping a goldfish.

There weren’t many takers except for Renee Zellweger, but anyways, go watch the movie.

The point here is that many of us are already happy with our options with proven products. Why leave and go with you and take a risk of leaving something we already know works?

These are important questions. And potential customers will be asking them either directly or indirectly in the time to come.

What will Amazon say?

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