Bernie Sanders needs to worry less about the Avengers, Disney, and more about Joe Biden

Our favorite Democratic Socialist Senator and candidate for President, Bernie Sanders, took to twitter on Monday to slam Disney and the success of Avengers:Endgame, by calling on Disney to pay their workers better wages.

Now Sanders isn’t completely wrong. Here in Orlando we have wages that are among the lowest in the nation and also an affordable housing problem, but Bernie is throwing out an easy piece of argument bait and making people feel guilty for spending their money on a movie that has nothing to do with politics.

I don’t know about you, but a movie theater is my escape from a media environment that is saturated by politics.

Before writing this article, I had visions of Bernie walking into my theater and personally shaming the audience, waving his fingers everywhere and asking how we could support such a venture.

In his tweet, he also decided to leave out the part where Disney recently gave their workers bonuses and decided to increase their wages to $15 dollars an hour (story HERE).

It’s lazy, an unusual move from the Sanders campaign. If anything, it’s a tweet we’d expect from the President, who’s also been known for verbalizing his opinion on entertainment.

Let’s also not forget that Sanders isn’t the front runner anymore, former Vice President Joe Biden put an end to that on Saturday. It’s going to be up to the Sanders campaign and his large progressive, grassroots movement to make sure they don’t end up an after thought in the 2020 Democratic primary (story HERE).

This is also Hollywood’s turf, where many celebrities and influencers will be supporting the Democratic nominee. They might opt to stay home instead of stumping for a politician who is critical of their livelihood. Including, Scarlett Johansson, who’s been a DNC speaker. She actually is an Avenger.

Listen, this isn’t a major issue, albeit an interesting one. The sun rose on the Bernie campaign this morning after the tweet, and it will continue to rise for at least another year.

But he needs to get his priorities in order, and pass on the “rainy day parade” politics he took part in with this tweet.

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