Bill arming teachers will deter criminals while giving final say to school boards

Florida lawmakers have sent Governor Ron DeSantis a bill that would authorize teachers carrying firearms in school after completing required training. It also preserves an element of home rule by allowing local school boards to ultimately decide if they want armed teachers in their classrooms.

This will make individuals that are considering causing harm to our schools to think twice. It also adds another line of defense in protecting our children, where there can never be enough caution.

This legislation will deter these cowards in targeting the most vulnerable members of our community. You should talk about this bill, write about this bill, even if you don’t agree with it, debate this bill. Let’s provide every reminder we can that our schools are being protected with every resource we have.

We’re also protecting our teachers, who also have families that want to see them come home safely each night after educating Florida’s future.

Keep in mind, this bill also requires counties to “Opt-in”. If your community doesn’t want teachers armed, then the school board, which more closely answers to you can say “no”.

If you don’t like this bill, get on the phone and start making your voices heard.

We also can’t take our eye off the ball. We must continue to go after what both sides of the gun control conversation acknowledge. That is solving the mental health aspect of this discussion that many consider to the root of the problem and will prevent future attacks.

Governor DeSantis should sign this bill and give our communities another way to protect the future of our communities.

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