“Bucks in Four” talk of an easy Milwaukee series against the Orlando Magic is dangerous

The NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference are set and in my hometown of Orlando, we’ll have the Magic taking on the team that is currently at the center of my life here in Wisconsin, the Milwaukee Bucks.

Amateurs on the internet managed to get their prediction of “Bucks in four” trending and that’s dangerous for a couple of reasons for you Milwaukee fans.

It’s already setting up the Bucks for a disappointing first round: This Magic team is good enough to push this series at least five games. If the Bucks don’t sweep this talented young team, then the same people predicting the sweep are the same people that will turn on Giannis and company at the first chance. You know they will.

It’s in the bubble. But it’s still more of a home court advantage for the Magic: They may not be playing at the Amway Arena but they’re still in the 407. The people serving their meals will be rooting for the Magic. The air they breath will be humid Orlando air. When they turn on the TV or Radio, those voices will be pulling for the Magic. It matters.

Aaron Gordon, Nikola Vucevic and the new Markelle Fultz: Can you really make a confident prediction of a sweep against this young Orlando nucleus? I couldn’t.

The occasional loss of focus by Milwaukee: The Bucks are the best team in the conference but they do drop the occasional game for no apparent reason. If they look pass the Magic, they could drop a game or two.

Really it should be Bucks in five: Listen, I love my hometown and I miss it. But a real prediction is Bucks in five. Even if you’re confident the Bucks can win four in a row against the Magic, then go for Orlando stealing the first game and Milwaukee regaining their focus for an aggressive out of order sweep the rest of the way.

Frank Torres is a Pro Content Producer and Media Personality. When he’s not blogging, podcasting, or shooting videos on FTR he’s helping others grow their operations. He splits his time between Green Bay Wisconsin and Orlando Florida and misses his time in the military everyday.

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