Chapelle’s Show is coming to NetFlix and it’s time for all of us to appreciate it again

It’s a celebration $!@%$#&

That’s what I was thinking when news came down that Chappelle’s Show would be coming to Netflix.

One of the best comedies of the 2000’s and arguably one of the best adult oriented comedies ever, the half hour romp showcased exactly the kind of no holds barred comedy that no one event attempts to do today. And Dave Chappelle does it all in a fashion that is so funny that everyone is too busy laughing at everyone else to be offended.

There is the Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood stories with Rick James ($#@%%) and Prince that are still as funny to this day (and RIP). Then there is the reparations skit, the black-white supremacist, the racial draft, Pop copy, and just so much more.

It’s all still highly controversial. But goodness, it was done so well that we look back on it with fondness.

If you haven’t seen the show, it’s certainly worth a look. There is an excellent chance you’ll never see a comedy like Chappelle’s Show again, even after all of these years and the softening of the censors.

And coupled with the return of Chappelle and his stand up stuff which has managed to go up another level, while at the same time being both more ruthless and thoughtful is a study in comedy altogether.

It’s also worth mentioning that this news comes during a time when Netflix is raising their prices (story HERE). But giving us Chappelle’s Show the day after at least demonstrates on their part that with more costs needs to come more value.

And in this case, it’s definitely noted.

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