Constance Wu remarks casts shadow on sunny “Fresh off the boat” Orlando set story

UPDATED: Please see Wu’s most recent tweet below

Have you ever seen the ABC sitcom “Fresh off the boat”? It’s a funny, upbeat, show about a Taiwanese family moving from Chinatown in Washington, DC to Orlando.

That’s right. It’s a show that takes place here in Orlando in the 90s, a time and a place where many of us grew up. There are small callbacks, a street name here, a neighborhood there, it’s a nice spotlight on our town that isn’t the back drop for a lot of television shows or movies.

Unfortunately, it’s star, Constance Wu, who plays Jessica Huang, the strong-willed, traditional mother of three boys, isn’t happy about the show getting renewed for a 6th season.

After the news came down, Wu commented “dislike” on the show’s Instagram page, followed by these tweets.

After the blowback from her remarks, she did send this in an attempt to do some damage control.

Wu is a rising star. Last year’s “Crazy Rich Asians” was both a critical and box office hit and she is the runaway talent on “Fresh off the boat”. The program gives here a lot of opportunities to shine.

Which is why these remarks caught so many off guard. Wu is probably ready to move on to bigger things, but there are certainly better ways to handle it.

This is also ABC’s second Twitter controversy in as many years with Roseanne Barr tweeting herself off of television in 2018. It’s unclear how the network will handle Wu’s behavior.

It’s an unfortunate turn for Wu, who I like as an actress. Hopefully, everyone can move past these bizarre events and wrap up the program on a positive note.

UPDATE: Wu tweeted the following message later in the evening and the full statement issued the next day.

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