Defector Media is a noble endeavor but one that will be difficult to sustain

On Tuesday morning, a team of former Deadspin writers announced Defector Media. A new project from the group of content creators who took a stand against their former employer’s over control of the material they were putting out and the culture of the operation they were working to support (story HERE).

Good for them. I’ll be rooting for them. But they’re going to find out that many of the same obstacles are still there.

While calling balls and strikes, I worked for several outside publications and the truth is that there will always be disagreements. Many of those disagreements will be tied to money and the tone of content. That doesn’t change with a new brand.

That’s why this is the Frank Torres Report. And nothing more.

Then there is the revenue stream. The advertising model is still difficult to sustain. And many of these writers aren’t cheap.

The honeymoon will end eventually and the bills will have to be paid.

But. Good content has a way of provoking good results and if Defector can produce the big stories that got us looking at Deadspin the first time around then they’ve got a great shot.

And then there are the partnerships. They work. A coalition of media entities can do some exceptional things by pooling resources. If they can stay trendy, those opportunities will stand up quickly.

Only time will tell if Defector can make those great things happen. But you’ve got to try.

As for your money, we’re not sure what the product looks like yet, so I don’t have any recommendations. It will be exciting what they come up with.

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