Family Guy shouldn’t qualify as an Orlando 90s TV favorite despite study

Recently, Frontier internet conducted a study of the most searched for 90s television show in Orlando (study HERE).

The winner? Family Guy.

If that sounds a little strange, it should. Family Guy is a funny program and perhaps one of the most “in your face” TV viewings out there.

But Orlando shouldn’t have gotten stuck with it as a 90s favorite for this study.

The reason is that Family Guy premiered in 1999. Then it was cancelled. Then it was brought back in the 2000s.

Still, this is what we’re rolling with.

The truth is that saying Family Guy is your favorite 90s TV show is like saying your an expert on Nirvana and being born in 1999. Technically, you could be. But Kurt Cobain was long gone before you even took your first breath.

I’m not going to diss the Frontier study for the this entire post. Some of their other findings were pretty cool.

Favorite 90s show in Tallahassee? Step By Step. Favorite in Miami? The Nanny.

Now, those are true 90s shows.

And why bother bringing this up is because the study got picked up in the paper (story HERE). I love my hometown paper and the article is well written.

But if you’re questioning the tastes involved with picking Family Guy when so many other 90s greats like Seinfeld, Friends and the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air were out there, you’d be right.

We love Family Guy and we search for it because it’s funny and there is a large catalog to binge. Not because it’s really 90s nostalgia.

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