Game of Thrones is back for the final time, please bear with us

In case you haven’t heard through the endless social media traffic, television commercials, or restaurant marketing deals, Game of Thrones is back for it’s final season this Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

If you’re not a fan, I would like to apologize for the endless bombardment of GOT you’re going to experience over the next month and a half, I want to assure you, it’ worth it.

If you’re on the outside and are understandably wondering “what the big deal” is. I’ll try to explain it to you. I was actually on the outside of the “Breaking Bad” craze several years back. I watched the series eventually and had a great time.

The truth is that Game of Thrones is first class storytelling drama in what is normally a cheesy genre of sword swinging warriors, fire breathing dragons, and sprint for power experiences.

And it’s written for adults. I’m also a fan of the Marvel’s Avengers movies, Harry Potter, and Star Wars, but at the end of the day, most of that is family friendly territory.

Game of Thrones is not that. There is gruesome violence, cleverly foul language, and some very adult themes that stretch the limits for even cable television.

These aren’t heroes turning into dust after their killed, they’re dying in terrible and bloody ways. There are also tough political decisions with no easy answers, and a group of show runners that will change the rules at any given moment often punishing their audience.

This kind of production isn’t normally done well because these kind of immersive experiences are expensive to make and without the family friendly element, there is no guaranteed return of investment.

The special effects are well done, the action scenes unforgettable, and the spectrum of characters and their behaviors and values are unsurpassed on television. Everyone has a favorite.

Obviously, I recommend this show. You should give it a try. Do it after the finale and you’ll be spared of the year and a half wait we’ve had to deal with.

There is also the sentiment that this is the last true “appointment television” event. Streaming services have eliminated that kind of experience. This might be the last time we get this kind of television hype outside of sporting events.

So, bear with us. Coverage of the show will dominate your social media feeds on Sunday night and will take up headlines on Monday morning. There will be a lot of shouting at televisions.

There are spin-offs planned but you know how poorly those can turnout. This might be the last time we get to enjoy this kind of conclusion to what has been an exceptional television drama experience.

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