Golden Globes 2021 preview: Supporting TV Actress features Margaret Thatcher vs. Princess Margaret

With the Golden Globes coming up this weekend, we’re continuing our series previewing each of the major categories, and I just had to talk about the Supporting Actress In Any Television Role category, where we have two top flight performances from “The Crown” up against proven winners from “Schitt’s Creek” and “Ozark”.

This is such a talent stacked category.

I’ve already gone on about Julia Garner in Ozark plenty. What’s something crazy was that this was her best year on the show and she could win again (she already has an Emmy), playing the wise cracking Ruth as she matures against the constant challenges in her life.

The public might insist Annie Murphy wins (she also has an Emmy). I’m not a big Schitt’s Creek person but everyone else is. Cynthia Nixon would have to be considered the underdog here in her role on “Ratched”

Then we have The Crown nominees.

Both Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher, and Helena Bohnam Carter as Princess Margaret were just so strong. How do I choose?

Anderson didn’t have as much screen time, but absolutely owned every scene she was in. Her tense scenes with the queen demanded your attention and her cadence as the historic English Prime Minister was right on.

Then you had Bohnam Carter, who despite not being new this season, gave her best performance, just begging to make a difference and to be loved against the nature of her brutal approach to her family and friends.

I wish I could give it to them both.

Still, I’m going with Bohnam Carter because she had to be excellent for a longer amount of time. And in the show’s best season, she held her own against Olivia Colman and Emma Corrin as well (those two will have their own showdown for lead actress).

That’s just plain epic.

And I just had so much fun watching these geniuses perform this year.

Who should win?: Helena Bonham Carter for the “The Crown”
Who will win?: Annie Murphy “Schitt’s Creek”

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