Joe Biden glides through ABC Town Hall with no serious challenges on his platform

Former Vice President Joe Biden had little trouble on Thursday night during his ABC Town Hall held in Philadelphia and hosted by ABC with moderator George Stephanopolus.

The event was taking place at the same time President Trump was on NBC participating in his own town hall.

Biden went virtually unchallenged throughout the event while he was answering questions on voting, the handling of the COVID pandemic, and wrangling partisanship and civility.

Stephanopolus did follow up on one sensitive issue with Biden and that was accusations that he would “pack” the Supreme Court to dilute the conservative majority. The former Vice President didn’t provide a direct answer but said he would provide a clear response before election day.

There were questions asked by guests at the town hall but most of them were on friendly issues he’d heard many times before during his time on the campaign trail.

The dueling town halls took the place of the what was supposed to be a second debate between Trump and Biden. There was a disagreement between the campaigns over the proposed virtual format of the debate, after a disastrous first meeting and the President’s COVID 19 diagnosis.

Trump’s experience on NBC was much different, with the majority of his time spent fencing with moderator Savannah Guthrie (story HERE).

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