Political TV: Ken Bone and his Red Sweater are seeing a resurgence right now as the election nears


Bone voiced his support this morning.

In 2016, the second Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton featured an unexpected star. Ken Bone and his red sweater attended the debate, asked one question, took a couple of pictures on his disposable camera, and then became the star of the night.

Bone made the rounds on all of the political talkers before ultimately fizzling out. But if you woke up on Tuesday morning here in 2020 as the country prepares for the Vice Presidential Debate tonight (story HERE) you would have seen him trending high once again after almost four years (story HERE).

Once again, he’s undecided, and compared watching this election to watching your house burn down in an interview with Newsweek.

The social media ecosystem, which has only gotten more vicious since his first shot of fame wasn’t as hospitable this time around.

Ken Bone in 2016, along with the Big Bird in 2012, and Joe The Plumber in 2008, can often find themselves front and center before elections regardless of how political they are. With the exception thankfully of our large and yellow, feathery friend, it does eventually fade out.

No word of Bone being booked for a second round of TV interviews after this morning’s resurgence, but if the country maintains it’s fascination for him, it shouldn’t be long.

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