Leonard Fournette chose poor words when talking about his old Jacksonville Jaguars QBs

On Tuesday, ESPN published a story about Leonard Fournette and his new team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (story HERE). During that interview the former Jacksonville Jaguars running back said,

“For the first time in my life, I really have a quarterback, so that’s an eye-opener for me. Not a lot of pressure is going to come on me,”

Ouch. Double ouch, really.

The first point is the jab at his former play-callers Blake Bortles, Gardner Minshew, and Superbowl Champion Nick Foles.

Now none of these guys are Tom Brady (even though Foles beat Brady in the Superbowl). We know that, and arguing otherwise would kill anyone’s credibility.

But Fournette should have chose his words more carefully.

Then there is the second point. How can he be sure no pressure is going to fall on him?

If Brady should get injured, then quite the opposite will happen. All of the pressure will fall on him. Blaine Gabbert is currently the second quarterback on the roster and we’re not sure he’s going to be able to get the ball to the other weapons down the field. Fournette could find the season all of the sudden does sit on his shoulders.

Then there is the look here. Wouldn’t a leader want to step up and take his team to the Superbowl?

What I’m going to do here is believe that Fournette probably just got excited. He published a picture of himself with Brady and the guy does have 6 rings. It wouldn’t be normal if he didn’t feel something there with this stacked squad.

But maybe take a breath next time before you talk.

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