Of course you can’t expect LeBron James to turn off his phone for the playoffs this year

LeBron James is making headlines right now because he’s said he won’t power down his phone this year, breaking his tradition of shutting the outside world away when a championship is at stake (story HERE).

Would you expect a family man during these times to do otherwise in the middle of a global pandemic? Of course not.

This is one of those non stories for me. But it’s something every parent would encounter at some of their own workplaces, especially during these tough times, so here we are.

The tug of war between being available to family and providing for that family.

Then there is the fact that LeBron is in the bubble down in my hometown of Orlando. There is no face to face contact with his family for some time to come.

And it’s incredible that we’re still challenging the focus of one of the greatest players of his chosen sport ever.

Now, if the Lakers don’t win the chip this year, we’ll be bringing this up again. We’ll ask the same questions we ask every year when LBJ doesn’t get a ring.

“Where is his head at?” “Can he make it work with the Lakers?” “Is Jordan really that much better?”

And now “Should he have shutdown his phone?”

We really should move on.

There will be enough drama for the Lakers as is. They’ve got to do right by Anthony Davis. Then there is coach Frank Vogel and Dwight Howard trying to win a championship in the town that let them both go.

And the Lakers organization along with the rest of the sports world is still grieving Kobe Bryant.

All of this in the middle of a pandemic.

Forget about LeBron’s phone.

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