SNL: Rege-Jean Page and Bad Bunny are good, but Aidy Bryant continues her winning streak

Another episode of Saturday Night Live in the books, and the show mostly gets back into the groove thanks to a great cold open and musical guest.

And about that cold open, we had Chloe Fineman knocking her Britney Spears impersonation out of the park with a skit dedicated to saying I’m sorry. Her voice cadence and dancing was just terrific.

And then there was Aidy Bryant. Bryant has been responsible for three straight excellent cold opens playing football coaches and politicians, and her performance last night as Ted Cruz, who had just gotten back from Mexico was hilarious. Even the usually unbreakable Cecily Strong was chuckling as she played Gina Carano. Just a wonderful start.

Then we got to “Bridgerton” star Rege Jean Page, who had a decent night. A lot of the jokes catered to his appearance, which was fine but a lot of the gags throughout the night didn’t really give him much space to move beyond what he is already known for.

Bad Bunny and Rosalia had a great night with something truly unique for SNL and that’s what this is really all about. Bad Bunny is already printing money and it’s likely his appearance last night will just keep that trend going.

Weekend Update was lousy. Again. Colin Jost, Michael Che, and Pete Davidson just congratulating themselves for almost ten minutes isn’t funny. We keep waiting for them to discover this but after this many years, it’s probably a lost cause at this point.

All in all the night was a draw, but an uptick from last week.

Next weekend, we’re getting Nick Jonas pulling double duty as host and musical guest. Whenever SNL does this, it usually opens the door for some fun cameos. Let’s wait and see.

See you next weekend!

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