Trump TV launch would potentially have heavy influence over 2022 Florida elections

If Trump decided Florida’s governor with one tweet in 2018, what could he do with an entire 24/7 network running in the state?

It’s an important question to ask, especially as speculation mounts that the outgoing President could consider launching a new media organization that would look to overtake FOX News as the source for conservative infotainment everywhere (story HERE).

Keep in mind, Governor Ron DeSantis shot past his primary opposition during the last midterms with one post from the President. Agriculture Commissioner and former Congressman, Adam Putnam, saw his time in politics stretching back to his early 20s end that quickly.

And given Trump’s recent victory in Florida, there is no reason to believe his influence has waned, even with a pandemic and a variety of daily controversies. Paired with traditional buyer’s remorse and mid term fatigue all Presidencies experience in some shape or form, then a TV station of constant programming touting the success of his allies could have a tremendous effect on the conservative base and even some undecideds who may be vulnerable to certain kinds of rhetoric.

It would be a tremendous asset for Governor Ron DeSantis and Senator Rick Scott both Trump favorites. Even Marco Rubio, who’s up and down could see a bump.

And this broadcasting apparatus would lead past 2022 and up to 2024 where Trump himself could run, or potentially one of his children.

It could also save all of those campaigns millions that could be used elsewhere.

Opponents of the President’s policies should also be concerned over Trump TV in Florida.

This is clearly not another reboot of “The Apprentice” we’re talking about. And it’s worse than anything FOX TV could throw at opponents of the President.

It would definitely have an effect on Florida politics and as close as some of these elections have been in recent years, it could make all of the difference.

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