We need to stop forgetting how good Ryan Fitzpatrick can truly be

“Fitzmagic” is back. At least on Thursday night it was back.

That’s because Dolphins quarterback (for now) Ryan Fitzpatrick, turned back the clock to go 18 for 20 with two touchdowns and no interceptions to win the first game of the season for Miami over the Jacksonville Jaguars 31-13.

And it’s these flashes of brilliance that have kept the former Harvard student around for so long. He did this in Buffalo and he also did this in Tampa. Games where he was just so ridiculously effective that no NFL coach in their right mind wouldn’t consider signing him on the cheap and letting him start if the situation permits.

The problem is the magic doesn’t always last too long. It’s fleeting. Next week, the Dolphins host Russell Wison and the Seattle Seahawks. And Fitzpatrick will have to go full Harry Potter to pull that one off.

And then there is Tua Tagovailoa waiting on the bench. It’s not a matter of if he’ll take over, it’s a matter of when. At 37 even Ryan knows this.

So, all we can do is ride this exciting journey into the beach. For all we know this may have been the last time we’ve seen “Fitzmagic”.

But we can never ever truly rule out a return as long as he’s playing quarterback in this league.

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