What’s On TV Tonight? American Idol, Elimination Chamber, new NCIS

Happy Sunday, Orlando! TV tonight will bring us the usual well playing dramas backed by a longtime reality favorite. Let’s break it down.

American Idol is back tonight. While a lot of us are over the formula, the series premiere did spike interest with Claudia Conway, the daughter of former Trump adviser, Kellyanne Conway getting a ticket to Hollywood. The show caught some flack for that but it still resulted in more eyeballs. What will they do next. Idol airs on ABC.

We’ve also got a new episode of the Rookie tonight on the alphabet channel.

CBS will give us NCIS like it has for so many years, and with the ratings and demographics playing their way, why change? In fact they’ll be adding another to the franchise with this show scheduled to take place in Hawaii.

And then there is the WWE. Tonight we’ve got Elimination Chamber. For my non wrestling fans, this is where they lock up six men or women inside of a cage with pods and get them to fight. It’s as exciting as it sounds. That will air on the WWE Network.

You’ll be able to find a rundown on some of these shows to night.

Have great Sunday Orlando!

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