What’s On TV Tonight In Orlando? Problematic Bachelor hometowns, 911, Monday Night RAW

Oh boy, since those controversies surrounding one of Monday night’s biggest shows started a couple of weeks back, we have to take a deep breath when the week begins.

And of course I’m talking about the Bachelor. And tonight are hometowns where we meet families. That doesn’t sound the way it should with controversies surrounding Matt James and race, in what should have been a historic season. I’ve even wrote that the families involved in tonight’s episode could see some blow back from the show’s massive social media following, even thought they didn’t sign up for it (story HERE). Still, it definitely won’t be boring television. The Bachelor airs on ABC.

If that heavy drama isn’t your favorite thing, you could always watch life or death situations occur on 911 and 911 Lone Star. Despite big Bachelor drama, the shows are doing very well as counter programming. Both of those programs air on FOX.

We’ve also got Monday Night RAW on TV tonight on USA. Last night we had quite a few title changes and now we’ve got to deal with the fallout.

We’ve also got CBS rolling out Bob hearts Abishola, The Neighborhood, and All Rise.

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