It is a tragedy that Florida landed 41st on this Best States for Veterans list

Orlando isn’t a good place to live for veterans right now. Whether it’s the poor transition services that don’t give us access to decent paying jobs, the shortage of affordable housing in the region, or the lack of access to care at the Lake Nona Medical center, Orlando is doing a lot of things wrong right now.

And the entire state isn’t doing much better.

In an article published by CNBNC (story HERE) base off of a Smart Asset study (findings HERE) Florida ranked 41st out 50 states in the country to live in.

That is simply unacceptable and the reason so many veterans, including myself continue to struggle to find success here.

Florida only indexed a 39 score out of a possible high of 100, with some of the factors involving affordable housing, unemployment, and veterans living below the poverty line. The Sunshine State manages to score poorly in most of these areas.

And this while many Orlando politicians take a victory lap around the Veterans Day holiday to tout the work they’re doing. Then there are the highly paid VA administrators in a state of the art facility that continue to cheat their communities.

But you don’t need a study to see how poorly the state is doing when taking care of our veterans. Talk to those currently out on the street. There is a chance they’re veterans. Talk to families living in hotels where veterans may be the head of household.

It is a loss for everyone in Orlando and the rest of the state when we continue to neglect those who served us and the numbers prove that we must get better.

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